Canon BP915 BP-914 BP-911 Li-Ion Rechargeable Camcorder Battery BY PICO

Product Code: BP-915 BP-914 BP-911

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New 100% OEM Compatible Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery. Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Works wonderfully for:

Canon C2
Canon DM-MV1, DMMV1
Canon DM-MV10, DMMV10
Canon E1
Canon E2
Canon E30, E-30
Canon E65AS, E-65AS
Canon ES-300V, ES300V
Canon ES-4000, ES4000
Canon ES-410V, ES410V 
Canon ES-420V, ES420V 
Canon ES420V Hi8, ES-420V
Canon ES-50, ES50
Canon ES-5000, ES5000 
Canon ES-520A, ES520A
Canon ES-55, ES55 
Canon ES-60, ES60
Canon ES60 Hi8
Canon ES-6000, ES6000 
Canon ES-65, ES65
Canon ES65 Hi8 
Canon ES-6500, ES6500 
Canon ES-6500V, ES6500V 
Canon ES-7000es, ES7000es
Canon ES-7000V, ES7000V
Canon ES-75, ES75
Canon ES75 Hi8
Canon ES-8000, ES8000
Canon ES-8000V, ES8000V
Canon ES-8100V, ES8100V
Canon ES8100V Hi8
Canon ES-8200V, ES8200V
Canon ES8200V Hi8
Canon ES-8400V, ES8400V
Canon ES8400V Hi8 
Canon ES-8600, ES8600 
Canon FV1, FV 1
Canon G-1000, G1000
Canon G-10Hi, G10Hi
Canon G-1500, G1500 
Canon G30Hi, G-30Hi 
Canon G35Hi, G-35Hi
Canon G45Hi, G-45Hi
Canon GL1 
Canon GL2 (Mini DV)
Canon MV1, MV-1
Canon MV10, MV-10
Canon MV100, MV-100
Canon MV200, MV-200 
Canon MV200i, MV-200i
Canon Optura
Canon UC-V100, UCV100
Canon UC-V10Hi, UCV10Hi
Canon UC-V200, UCV200
Canon UC-V20Hi, UCV20Hi
Canon UC-V30Hi, UCV30Hi
Canon UC-X1Hi, UCX1Hi
Canon UCX-2, UCX2
Canon UC-X2Hi, UCX2Hi
Canon UC-X30Hi, UCX2Hi
Canon UC-X40Hi, UCX40Hi
Canon UC-X45Hi, UCX45Hi
Canon UC-X50Hi, UCX50Hi
Canon UC-X55Hi, UCX55Hi
Canon Ultura
Canon V-40, V40
Canon V-400, V400
Canon V-40Hi, V40Hi
Canon V-420, V420
Canon V500, V500
Canon V50Hi, V50Hi
Canon V520, V520
Canon V72, V72
Canon V60Hi, V60Hi 
Canon V65Hi, V65Hi
Canon V75Hi, V75Hi
Canon Vistura 
Canon XL1, XL-1
Canon XL1S, XL-1S
Canon XL2, XL-2 
Canon XM1, XM-1
Canon XM2, XM-2
Canon XV1, MV-1 
Canon XV2, MV-2
and more models. 

Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers: 
Mr.Battery 130-CA014-10-1, Hama 46335, Hama 46357, Battery-Biz B-972, BatteryValues B-972, DSMiller B-972, Hi-Capacity B-972, Maxell B-972, Polaroid B-972, US Power BCD1123, Vivanco BP-1367, Canon BP-911, Canon BP-911K, Canon BP-914, Canon BP-915, Canon BP911, Canon BP914, Canon BP915, Sakar BP-915CL, Canon BP-915L, Canon BP911, Canon BP911K, Canon BP915, Canon BTI-CN911, Arc CB-915, Sakar CB-915, Hama CP-335, Hama CP-357, Duracell DR2, Duracell DRC915, Duracell DRC915RES, DTI Electronics DTL-911C, Energizer ERC560, Hahnel HL-916, Lenmar LIC911, Maxell M7220, Canon PR-610, IDP PR-610, Canon PR-610L, IDP PR-610L, Rayovac RV-5451, Varta V274, GP VCL001, Uniross VP914L.
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments and chargers
  • Ultra higher capacity in runtime compared to original battery packs
  • Premium Japanese Cell
  • Absolutely no memory effect so that you can charge battery at anytime
  • Low impedance battery design
  • 12 months warranty
Description Chemistry: Lithium-Ion Output Volts: 7.2v / 7.4v AmpHours: 1900mAh Type: Generic Color: Black or Silver Dimensions: 2.75 x 1.50 x 0.75

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