Canon NB-12L Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Rechargeable Digital Camera / Camcorder Battery BY PICO

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The NB-12L Battery Pack from Canon is compatible with the PowerShot N100 digital camera and the CB-2LG charger, which is available separately. It is included with the camera and is offered here as a spare or replacement part. The battery features 3.6V of output power, a capacity of 1910mAh, and a rating of 6.8Wh. The included cap covers the terminals to prevent short-circuiting.

Compatible Cameras
PowerShot N100
Description Chemistry: Lithium-Ion Volts: 7.2v / 7.4v AmpHours: 1000 mAh Type: Generic Color: Black Dimensions: 1.78 x 1.32 x 0.63

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